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  • New Strategies for Competitiveness (MOC Microeconomics of Competitiveness)

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Passionierter - man könnte auch sagen fanatischer - Golfspieler, der sich langsam (leider sehr, sehr langsam!!) der Weltspitze nähert.



Highlights / Stufen des beruflichen Werdegangs

Ph.D. with distinction University of Basel. Former research scholar at Cornell University (USA). Had or actually have teaching assignments in China (Lanzhou Institute of Science and Technology), USA (Southern Utah University), Vietnam (Banking University Ho Chi Minh City), Germany (Fachhochschule Nürtingen-Geislingen) and is adjoint Professor at Charles Sturt University (Australia). Member of the affiliate faculty (since 2004) and of the "Hall of Fame" (since 2013) of Prof. Michael E. Porter’s MOC-Network (Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School) and Head of the Curriculum Committee.

Until 2005, President of the University of Applied Sci­ences So­lothurn Northwestern Switzerland. Prior to and intermittent with my academic career, I held  mana­gerial positions with leading Swiss compa­nies such as the Swiss Federal Railroad system, Coop Schweiz, the Bâloise insur­ance group and Elektrowatt Holding.

I was fostering exchanges with Chinese institutions quite a while before China was a “must destination” on the international scene (since 1994). For these activities I have been granted the “Dunhuang Award” in 2004 by the government of Gansu Province (PRC) and the “Friendship Award” (the highest award issued to foreign experts) in 2006 by the Chinese Central Government.

Wichtige Publikationen


Books and Articles

Abplanalp, Peter und Roman Lombriser (2013), Strategien verstehen, Versus, Zürich (Understanding Strategy Making")

Kiese, Matthias und Peter Abplanalp (2010), Kooperation und Wettbewerb in regionalen Clustern, IO New Management Nr. 11, p. 16-20

Lombriser, Roman und Peter Abplanalp (2010): Strategisches Management, 5. Auflage, Versus, Zürich ("Strategic Management", 5th printing); 6. Auflage in Vorbereitung

Lombriser, Roman / Abplanalp, Peter / Wernigk, Klaus (2007): Strategien für KMU, Versus Zürich

Abplanalp, Peter und Roman Lombriser (2000), Unternehmensstrategie als kreativer Prozess, Gerling, München 2000 ("Strategy as a Creative Process")

Speeches and Conference Papers:

Competitiveness - A Country Approach, Banking University Ho Chi Minh City, March 2008

Clustering policy without government - Two cases from Switzerland, Industrial Clusters, Globalization and Regional Policy in the EU, 7th Milan European Economy Workshop, June 13-14, 2008

Specialization, Regional Clusters and Competitiveness - The Case of Northwestern Switzerland, OECD-NUTEK Conference, Stockholm 2007

Is there a way to crack the Chinese market? Wells Fargo Speeches, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, U.S., October 2006